Each uncoated tablet contains :

Levosulpiride 25 mg.

About the Drug : Levkool is a prokinetic which is a type of drug which enhances gastrointestinal motility by increasing the frequency of contractions in small intestine or making them stronger but without disrupting their rhythm.

Levkool exerts prokinetic action through dual mechanism

  • As a potent & selective antagonist of dopamine D2 receptors
  • As a serotonin 5HT (4) receptor agonist
Levkool gives faster relief of postprandial bloating, epigastric pain & heartburn & is superior to Itopride, domperidone & metoclopramide. Levkool possesses antipsychotic & antidepressant activity as well.


Each hard gelatin capsule contains :

Rebeprazole Sodium 20 mg.

(As enteric coated pellets)

Levosulpiride 75 mg.

About the Drug : Levkool-R is a right alliance of GI regulator & potent PPI as Rabeprazole offers unmatched & earlier onset of acid suppression & Levosulpiride offers antiemetic & prokinetic effects.

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